Magnet T-Shirt Print

September 29, 2014

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We Love Sketchbooks

September 18, 2014

We love sketchbooks and couldn’t help but buy a fare number of these beauties from Sri Lanka recently.

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Stick No Bills

September 17, 2014

Postcard inspiration galore. Dropped in on a client of ours on a recent trip to Sri Lanka.Couldn’t resist the chance to buy some limited edition film posters.

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Hospitality Insights Website

August 9, 2014

We’re busy building our hospitality insights and inspirational ideas website ‘Major Hobbs’. Coming soon!

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Latest Guidelines for Jumeirah™

August 5, 2014

Collection of guidelines that we’ve developed for Jumeirah Hotels, Resorts and Residences.

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Guidelines for Linktia

August 4, 2014

Development of guidelines for Linktia – A holding company for well know media brands in the Middle East. Brands include bareface – the largest model agency in the MENA region, Magnet Photo Production, Alchemy Films, arabianEye, Corbis, Aperto Middle East and BuyDubai.

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Brand refresh for Magnet

June 28, 2014

We created Magnets original brand back in 2011. Since then Magnet has grown increased its reach internationally. So, we were invited back to help them build a design kit to reflect breadth of the business services and also tackle design challenges that have come up over the years. We began the process with a visual audit to determine what still works, what needs replacing, and any addition design components to create. Following this phase was design development of all Magnet’s look & feel graphic elements. A guidelines was produced to put some rules in place for using the brand elements with visual inspiration for the marketing team.

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Future: Air travel and hospitality blur the lines

June 18, 2014


We explore the future of hospitality with some fictional ideas…

Airlines are operating like hotels and hotels are refining the guests journey to their destination. One of the emerging BnB hospitality brands recently bought rental car company Wurtz to complement its global reach and dedication to providing guests with the best all-round ‘one-click’ vacation package. A BnB spokeswoman explained “We are removing the middleman to provide our customers with the most competitively priced rental car service globally”.

Asian Airline Fourth Element launched their Zephr Airship today catering to the family group travellers between China and Europe. Families are no longer restricted to the confines of an airline seat with their children. Our fleet of airships are a microcosm of hospitality and entertainment. Guests travel in compact family apartments in amongst amenities of swimming pools, a micro theme park, kids clubs, cinema, a food hall including 2 premium restaurants and a fun zone as large as a football pitch.

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Pappa | Photo Exhibition by Katarina Premfors

January 20, 2014

Last night went along to support a very personal photo exhibition by AirSpace Director Katarina Premfors. Here are photos of the opening night and a selection of images exhibited.

An active commercial photographer and photojournalist in the Middle East for more than twenty years, Katarina Premfors has long supported photography as a catalyst for positive social change.  Working with various NGO’s including UNICEF and Photographers for Hope, Katarina has put forth a variety of photographic essays focused on humanitarian initiatives, depicting sensitive issues that include HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and disabilities throughout the MENA region.

Communicating challenging and often emotionally charged subject matter is a task for which Katarina comes well prepared.  In this case it is no wonder she picked up her camera shortly after her father Kenth fell victim to a stroke in 2011.  A familiar and cathartic process for Katarina, documenting her father throughout this period was not only something that she felt was important to do; her father also encouraged her to take photographs. Her images recorded his progress in physiotherapy, a process he was determined to continue even after his cancer diagnosis.  Katarina continued to photograph her father through to his passing away, seventeen months after the initial stroke took place.

Pappa is a delicate and emotionally charged series depicting touching moments with Kenth and his infant granddaughter, his wife and children, portrayed alongside the daily challenges faced in the wake of a stroke and later following cancer treatments.  Tackling a subject seldom approached in conversation, Pappa visually explores the undeniable truths tied to our own mortality. Katarina celebrates each moment, valuing both the struggles and victories that occur within each day.

Opening night for Pappa will be January 19 from 7:30pm onwards.  The exhibition is free to visit and open to the public January 19 – February 22, 2014.


Images and content are © 2014 Katarina Premfors. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate.

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My favorite brand of 2013

December 31, 2013

Toy manufacturer Hot Wheels® has to be my favorite brand of 2013. This was the year when I was reacquainted with the brand. My kids aren’t really old enough for the cars, but I was attracted to their Wall Track system because it looked like a great, new way to play with cars, so I bought it for my son. The last time I’d been impressed with HotWheels I was around 7yrs old, owned the cars with thermal colour change and rotating crash panels.

HotWheels® Wall Track

After the nostalgia of building and testing the track I decided to see what other products they have released recently. They have cars that once placed upon an iPad turn it into a virtual racetrack called apptivity. Another great new 2013 product is their Hot Wheels® Car Maker which uses industrial moulding techniques to mold your own cars. The idea, however, was nothing new to Hot Wheels®, they produced a similar toy in the 1970s called the Master Caster.

What I find interesting about the brand is that they have continued to innovate after all these years with the little die cast cars at the heart of all the creativity – they’ve build a world around them. The design teams still obsess over making the cars faster, introducing nickel-plated axles and other adjustments that reduce friction dramatically. Their design studio hold competitions for the world’s fastest car using their giant indoor track.

With all the digital distractions that children have Hot Wheels® continue to recreate the magic and reinvent what playing with die cast cars is all about.

Cool Hunting Video: Hot Wheels Design Studio from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

Article by Mark Woodward, Owner & Creative Director, AirSpace FZ LLC

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